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PDFLeo - PDF Linearization, Encryption and Optimization

PDFLeo is a command line utility to transform existing PDF files - such as linearization, encryption, decryption, compression, size reduction, and metadata modification. It can also be used to display information of PDF documents, such as metadata, security attributes and required fonts.

A typical use of PDFLeo is to post-process PDF files created by a word processor or a PDF generator, such as Word 2007 or FOP. You can use this program to optimize (linearization or size reduction), encrypt, add metadata etc. In addition to modifying existing files, you can use the program to collect meta data of PDF documents, such as title, author and creation date.

Both 32-bit and 64-bit executables are included in the package.

Product Features

  • Encryption. Encrypt a PDF document with either password security or public key security. Remove PDF encryption if you are able to open the file. Retain PDF encryption and permission settings in the new PDF with other part of document modified.
  • Linearization. Optimize PDF documents to be viewed over slow connection from a capable web server.
  • Size Optimization. Reduce the file size by removing redundant contents, compressing streams and moving objects to streams.
  • Query document information, such as meta data, security, document permission and font information.
  • Insert and modify predefined or custom document information entries.
  • Insert, view and modify XMP metadata.


PDFLeo comes with three editions - Standard, Professional and Server. The first two editions can't run on Windows server operating systems, such as Windows 2003 Server or 2008 Server.

  • The Standard Edition includes all the features except reading and writing public key encrypted PDF files. Standard edition can't run on Windows servers.
  • The Professional Edition has all the features enabled, including reading and writing public key encrypted PDF files. However, it can't run on Window servers.
  • The Server Edition has all the features enabled, including public key encryption/decryption support. It can run on both server and workstation Windows systems.


The standard edition is priced at USD$99 per user. Professional edition is USD$139 and Server Edition USD$399. To purchase the software, contact Morovia sales department at sales@morovia.com.